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Reese busts out her choreographed
dance moves

Editors note. This interview was excepted from a longer conversation we had in Reese's living room. She's got nothing in it, and seeing that I've never mastered the skill of being quiet I sound like I'm in an echo chamber. Keep in mind that this is in San Francisco and Reese makes a lot of local references.

Interviewers Note. If Reese has a flaw it's that she's too self confident. High self esteem pisses me off. If you don't listen to the audio part, at least listen to the lightning round where I ask her about her favorite food. I've never heard anyone say the word Pizza in such a sexy way before. It's somewhere around 400 on the audio bar. You should also listen to the audio because Reese does Voice Over work, and she does a lot of great voices in the interview.

[What are] Your hobbies.
Long walks to the 7-11. I like to Yoga.
You had one hobby, I don't know if you do it anymore, but it was one of the strangest things I've ever heard. You would dress up and annoy tourists. Basically.
It's performance art.
So what do you do.
Well we've done tourist night where we dress up like we're from the Midwest so we evidently don't blend in, in the urban culture.
What does the outfit look like.
Typically denim jeans that are tapered at the leg and very high on the waist, like Lee Jeans with the big pockets and white sneakers with the denim, and typically a sweatshirt that has the state where I'm from. And again you've got to go with the denim and the sneakers because everyone tells you when you visit San Francisco, it's a walking city, it's a walking city. And since [my friend] Andy was gay, we would go to gay bars and sit at the barstool and we'd hang out for a little bit and when someone would come to the bar, we would say to ourselves loud enough so they could here us, "Boy the concierge said this was a nice place for some music but there's so many men here." And see what kind of conversation that would spawn.
And they would talk to you?
They loved the shock value. They loved shocking the Midwest peoples, so they would introduce you to their most flamboyantly gay friend, and tell you about the latest naked parade that was coming up, they wanted to fill your head so you could just go back and share it with the others.
They would try to be more outrageous and try to freak you out?

Oh sure.
And would you combat them with your midwesterness to freak them out?
Yeah, a lot of times I would say, "It's not something I believe in, but god bless yah," and, "To each his own," and "I've got a cousin, I think he might be gay, but he cuts great hair though." And you could just go on. The gay boys think it's endearing. And plus me as myself, I'm such a magnet for gay men anyway, I don't know if these guys could kind of sense that through my character, of, "Eh, she's cool." And we were never rude, we never tried to start shit, we just wanted to pull as much information as we could out of them, and just bring them into our little world.

So this is Midwestern night, what is Eurotrash night…

Reese at Eurotrash Rockstar Night

And then there's Euro trash rock star night. And it's all about texture and color in your attire. Like super fuzzy pants, stiletto boots. I always wore really revealing tops, super see through and low cut, and [sun] glasses indoors. And we literally, our posture was our nose up in the air, just keeping to ourselves, and when people would pass, we would say something in a totally made up European accent, "Zis place is dead to me." I would hold a cigarette in a cigarette holder, but not lit in the place, "I can't believe zees people will not let you smoke inside. It's their lungs, who cares about their lungs." And one of the greatest stories from Eurotrash rockstar was at 111 Minna and I'm wearing this shirt that's completely see through, and these guys can't help it they're three feet away and they're just staring, and [my friend] Andy turns around and says, "I see you looking at her breasts, why are you looking at her breasts, they are too give life, they are not for lusting." And the guys are just like, "Oh, we're so sorry. Uh…uh…are you Italian?" And I move my cigarette and I say, "I am Bianca that is who I am." They make themselves look so stupid, but they'll do anything for a woman who's exposing herself a little bit.

So you don't think they'd put up with your nonsense if you weren't almost naked.
No, if I tried to be like a little Marina chick, or just kind of put together, I would have been a bitch or snotty or something.
And they would have given up on you.
Oh sure. But they were getting to see a little something. So the longer they hung around, the longer they got to see something.
Oh yeah, I agree with that. I'll put up with a lot of crap for some boob. And speaking of boobs.

If one was to see you in a bar, and they wish to engage you in conversation with the hopes of one day sleeping with you, what do you do?

I actually like really cheesy pickup lines, because I can't believe they have the audacity to use them. And it typically means a little bit of a sense of humor. You've got to be careful with them though, because some guys think they're serious. There's nothing wrong with flattery if you're sincere. I definitely don't want to hear anything about cosmic vibe spirit energy. I don't want any of that shit when you first see me across the room. Tell me I'm stacked, tell me my body's rockin'. Don't try to compliment me on my personality or anything like that, cuz that's not what you saw across the room, be honest. You thought I was smokin' you decided to come over.
And do I have a better shot at you at 1:00 a.m. than like 10:00 p.m?
1 a.m. seems a little more desperate.

"I like to Yoga."
What would you say is the best part of being a woman?
Honestly, candidly, truthfully? Being able to manipulate situations to my advantage, by playing the feminine card. Whether it be super naïve, super confident, my monthly, just whatever. I just feel like I have this amazing power to get people to give me things and do what I want.
This is a whole evil side of you I never knew existed.

What is the girliest thing that you do?
I make up dance routines.

So you pick a song…and make up a dance routine?
And since I don't have a full length mirror now, I watch it in the reflection of the TV. And I watch myself get down.
And then do you bust the moves out later in the club?
Some of them are a bit too choreographed and a bit too evident that I should have 5 backup dancers with me. But there are certainly little wiggles and shakes I can incorporate. Little facial gestures. When you're watching someone dance it's all about the facial gesture. Totally

OK so let's do the lightning round.
Favorite food?
Favorite Sound? A man's moan during sex.
Favorite Touch? I actually like, minks and animal furs on my bare skin.
Boxers or Briefs? Boxers. Unless they're boxer briefs those are cool too.
Dinette Set or trip to Europe? Trip to Europe
Ability to Fly or be invisible?Fly
What do you wear when you go to sleep? Nada.

Is there anything you want to plug while we're here?
I am a starving artist at the moment. So please check out, and buy, buy, buy. And I'm switching hosting companies right now, but is a great place for my personal journal, current paintings…
Photos of you.
Links that I think are funny right now.
Alright let's go take some pictures.

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