Section: Film
Title: Little Man on Campus
Director: Morgan Lawley
Importance: This interview sheds light on the inner workings of Hollywood, from someone who's been around longer than your average indie director. Read on, you'll learn something.
Little Man on Campus

Little man, big cheerleader, all fantasy.

9 Questions and a lightning round with Morgan Lawley

Let's talk about the movie "Little Man on Campus." What inspired you to make this movie?
I had met with atomfilms and they were just entering into a partnership with Ford for 3 shorts that had the Focus in them..They had seen my other short "What I Did For Love" and asked me to write a script.. I think they asked 6 filmmakers to write and picked 3.

How has it been putting your film online?
It's been great although I must admit I'm not a techie and I can't seem to view my own film at home.

Any regrets?

How did you get Barry Livingston to be in your film?

It was originally written for Wallace Shawn (Princess Bride) but he passed and Barry's picture came in with the submissions from the casting breakdown and I was like "Oh My God that's Ernie" He was perfect and he read with all the other actors for me and was lovely..So I changed the script to accommodate him.

I know you have a lot of music video connections, is that how you were able to contact Wallace Shawn?

No it had nothing to do with the video stuff...The executive producer, Gregg Apirian, just called his agent...

What advice would you give to young film makers on asking their favorite stars to be in their indie film projects?
Call the agents and managers and begin relationships. Money talks...

You describe the "casting breakdown." What is that? How can I get in on one of those?
The breakdown is a casting service that goes out to all agents everyday. It lists projects currently casting. You call them and tell them about your project and the roles that are available and what the pay is, if any, and that's it. Agents and mangers then send piles and piles of pictures to you and you weed through them and then see the people you like.

What's coming up next for you?
Well I have a screwball romantic comedy called "Something Old Something New" which is being made by Shooting Gallery that we are in the process of casting and will be made after the dreaded strikes.

What did I forget to ask you?
If I got a free car for doing the film? No

Ready for the Lighting Round?
Favorite Sound? a belly laugh
Favorite Word? that's a hard one Fuck and Sparkle
Favorite Taste? Good Tequila
Favorite Piece of clothing? My wedding dress from Les Habitudes Dinette Set or Trip to Europe? Trip
Ability to Fly or to Turn Invisible? Fly

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