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Importance: In case you missed some T.V.
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Last Episodes and Updates
Excerpted from: "Sorry if I ruined it."


I've started to compile final episodes and updates of popular TV shows.
If you missed these final episodes I hope it provides some closure for you.

A Little Service Would Be Nice
George dies as a waitress stabs him due to his constant complaining. When the waitress was reached for comment she said, "He just wouldn't shut up. Where's the ketchup, where's the relish, where's a steak knife? I just couldn't take it. The weird thing is, we don't even serve steak."
But George's soul cannot rest because he still has unresolved issues with the "Jerkstore" guy. In a bizarre haunting George tracks him down and says, "Oh yeah, well I slept with your dead wife." To which he replied, "Hey look everybody it's Casper." I guess George will never get out of purgatory.
I'll Be Seeing You
In the final production of the Manzier, men with flabby breasts are able to walk with support. Not only does the support product for men take off, most men walk shirtless down the street. After being horrified by the scene, Elaine scoops out her own eyes. Even this was not enough as Elaine says, "That image is burned into my brain forever Jerry. I think I may kill." Soon after the show's fans were already repeating this Seinfeldism and it may soon replace "Yada, Yada."
Final Entrance
In Kramer's final entrance, he flies through the door a little too hard and impales his face on the door's eye level doorstop. Jerry remarks, "Now that's a doorstop." He then proceeds to do forty-five minutes about, "What's the deal with door stops?"

Murphy Brown
Looking for a new career, Murphy Brown has a vision about where she should work next. "I felt like I had already worked there in a second life," Murphy said. Murphy has since worked at, "Dine a Minute, Splint, Dime a Mint, Spline, Spleen, Dyke a Minuet and finally Helen Shapiro." After her final job change she said,"I'm not quite there, but I know I'm so close."
After getting hit on the head in a wacky, "Bowling Pin," accident, Elden proceeds to paint Murphy's entire house in Family Circus characters. "I think my proudest moment was tracing the path where Billy ran. That little scamp can really move." Also worth mentioning is Elden's pictorial progression of how the characters change as they get older.
Trying to lose her nice girl image, Corky turns to the streets and resorts to the worlds oldest profession. Feeling guilty that she wasn't any good, Corky proceeds to give refunds. But later she was successful in claiming her "BAD GIRL," title by beating up a girl scout who got a little too forceful at a local "BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO." Corky was heard saying, "All I wanted to do was rent `Mother, Jugs and Speed,' but there she was constantly with the Thin Mints, and the double creams. I just couldn't take it." Fortunately the girl scout met her quota selling to diabetics in the E.R. unit, where she promptly married George Clooney.
Stepping into a strange universe where all the color tint seems slightly off, Jim confronts Mike Wallace (played by Howdy Doody wearing Jack Lords hair.) In a touching moment both long time anchors break their faces when trying to smile. The director was heard to say, "Trying to get those fat bastards to smile was impossible. Next time I'll nail Jell-O to a tree. That should be easier."
Miles returns to win back Corky's love. Instead, he winds up getting his ass caught in a coffee pot, impregnating the pencil sharpener, and defiling the files, all to the tune of "Soul Man," in the opening credits.
After the stress finally gets too her, Kate regresses to her childhood and starts sucking her thumb. She then blockades herself in her office and merely rocks in her chair. The last words she was heard to say was, "'I'm tired and under a lot of stresthphphphphphphph." Fred the mail guy was heard to say, "Where she found a 10ft high rocking chair I'll never know. And besides my name is Tom."
In a surprise guest starring role, Gary Coleman plays Murphy's son. When producers were asked about the move they said, "Look, it's the last show, we needed as many guest stars as we could get. And besides, you can never get tired of anyone saying, "What you talking about Murphy?"

Frank Fontana is a crazed Venutian and chases Mork back to where he met Mindy to annihilate him.