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Importance: Shut up and listen!
MC of the Week

This is my worst performance ever. If it wasn't for Kory being so cool and with it, it would have been a complete mess.
This is also my worst attempt at transcribing an interview. If you want the real deal, listen to the sound file. Otherwise, make me sound smarter and read the interview.

The point of the story is, for those of you who don't know you, Kory, which is unfortunately many, you have your own website,, and on that site, you do quite a few things, the least of which is an extensive collection of images of bondage. How do you get into something like that?
I was watching HBO and I saw a show called Real Sex and it had a website in the area called or and I thought, wow that looks really cool. And I checked it out and I didn't work for them, and now I actually do, but I started doing different modeling…and I played in the BDSM world in my personal life so I thought why not try and make some money and do some modeling. But it's not that much of a pay off.

Let's say I'm some chick in suburbia, with a half decent body and a half decent face, I'm kinda sorda into BDSM, what advice do you give to me?
I say do it for fun, don't do it for money, and be prepared to come across a lot of flakes, a lot of perpetrators a lot of sleazy guys. You really have to pick and choose and do your research and it's a lot more output than input. As far as income. A lot more maintenance, a lot more you're buying your own costumes, you're buying your own makeup, you have to pay for all the travel time. It equals out to probably less than $3 an hour.

Then why do it?

Cuz I enjoy doing it, it's fun. It's nice to see yourself in different visions of these different photographers. Or to collaborate and be creative and see yourself in different ways than you've seen before. And plus, being suspended from a ceiling is just fun. You don't get to do it in your everyday life.
Unless you've got yourself some really strong ceiling girders.
It's not the kind of thing you suggest. You kinda hafta bring that up slowly. I turned my boyfriend out, but that was a slow process.
Meaning he was not into BDSM.
Oh, he didn't know anything about it. But I got him to build stuff, and he built me a dungeon apparatus or different bondage furniture. I got him to do that stuff, and he said, "Oh that's kinda cool." And I'd leave him pamphlets…
Who makes pamphlets about bondage?
I'd leave him drawings and little information…cuz people think it's all about people who like pain...and it's not about that…it's screwing with and heightening your senses to new levels…it's adrenaline junkies. New forms of sexuality cuz you've explored all of them.

Hey, so you mentioned that you're going to BondCon, what the hell is that?
BondCon is a fetish convention that happens every year. Where all the bondage models and producers can have a place where they meet up and network with each other. And show off their talents. And it's a safe place where they can go and be with their people. Cuz a lot of people are interested in the world of BDSM and they have a lot of misconceptions. Or they live the online fantasy but they never really want to go there.
Speaking of which I'll just give a shout out to bondage a gogo. I've been there a couple of times. Those people are the nicest darn people I've ever met in my life.
A lot of people imagine the large mountain man with his fat girl on a leash. And that's just not really how it is.
I met one woman that I talked to extensively about making her own outfits and she was like the Martha Stewart of Bondage.
I mean it's a fun good creative outlet that you can be yourself and feel sexy. You can be your own person and do your own thing. It's a place where you can express your own kinks, because America is so stuffy.

Your site is so explicit.
Really. You think so. I don't think it is.
Yeah, well you're naked.
Yeah, but they're no pink shots.
It's not up close.
It's not your normal porn site.
The point of the story is, I have a lot of saliva, and you do a lot of shots with ball gags on your site. Which for me is like a nightmare. What's something freaky that you drew the line at and said, "I'm not going to do that."
I actually had someone call me from L.A. that was a "talent scout." One of the many in the Los Angeles area. He's all excited, "This gallery owner called me and said, 'I have this job for you and I want this girl to do it.'" It [would be] me dressed up like a bull in full body paint with horns and a strap on dildo, and another female dressed the same, and a guy would be dressed up like a cow, with udders and everything. And we would do a domination dance, live performance in front of people. And we would both end up fucking him in the ass with a strap on.
And he says, "guess what I got you $150." "Gee golly wow..."

He called me back and he says, "I can't believe it I got $200." I'm like wow, I can pay my phone bill. I couldn't believe it. And the poor little cow. He wanted us to do it at the same time, so there would be two dildos in this poor little cow.
a) I would never do that
b) $200? Prostitutes make more, and I ain't no whore.

Does it ever make you ill how gross guys are?
It makes me completely disgusted the lines that have been said to me. Like "nice tits," or they think just because I have more explicit pictures on my web site that I'm a slut or a whore, or I may want to date them. And that's so not true.

So [let's say] I meet you in a bar. Is there anything I can say to you that gets me passed the first, "No I ain't interested."
I put up that guard sometimes, but if you want to meet new people…Don't treat girls as meat. Don't look at them like they're something to obtain. My favorite line is, "do you know any good jokes?" It always catches people off guard. I surprise people because people think I'm going to be conceded or a bitch. I'm a guys girl, I climb trees and shit.

I'm not transcribing the joke Kory tells. You'll have to listen to the sound file for it.

You were briefly in a film Lurking in Suburbia.

Lurking in Suburbia is a really awesome film and I did a small part in it. It was my first acting experience. It's a very small part but it should be a great movie.

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