Section: MC of the Week → Karen
Importance: Shut up and listen!
MC of the Week

What is your great ambition in life?
To create something everyday, (its not as hard as it sounds, just gotta lower your standards)

What are your hobbies?

harassing local dead heads, keeping my friends awake, keeping myself awake, making rent on time, late night sky gazing

Have you always lived in America?
born on an airforce base in Illinois, grew up in brooklyn, queens and the bay area, moved to downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, then to Amsterdam, where I squatted in a beautiful but VERY COLD historical building and traveled through most of Europe for about a year and a half, the great weather and coffee shops inspired my move to SF where I have been since.

What advice would you give to men to help them attract women?
HUMOR!!! and of course ask her a question about herself every once in a while.

What's the best part of being a woman?
Being smarter than a man

Is there something you'd like to promote or shamelessly plug while you're here?

Had One Too Many?

My new band: Diggsville..downbeat grooves, film noire jazz. A new film by Erica Jordan ,in the wake, some great artists that i know, and of course anything you're willing to bribe me to plug for you.

What's the girliest thing that you do?
young surfers and blue hawaiins

What did I forget to ask you?

what would i do with a "get out of jail free" card? my answer: Joyride Airforce 1, trade homes with the Getty's, PC187 the backstreetboys.

Ready for the lightning round?
Favorite Food? Sushi and/or ice-cream
Favorite Sound? the ocean
Favorite Taste? my man
Favorite Touch? a good masseuse
Boxers or briefs? boxers!
Dinette Set, or trip to Europe? Europe or Thailand
Ability to fly or Invisible? I really really really want to fly.
What do you wear when you go to sleep? Victoria Secret (isn't that girlie too?)