Fake Stacy
The writer and director of a great short film.

Angus Oblong
Creator of the cancelled show
"The Oblongs"

Maria Bamford
Funny with Great Voices

Lord Carrett
Funny, Divorced, Bitter

Jill Sobule
A wonderful, original musician

Glenn Eichler
Writer of Daria, Beavis and Butthead

Tracy Grandstaff
The voice of MTv's Daria

Bucky Sinister
Writer/Poet with mass appeal

Little Man
on Campus
Learn how she made her film.

Doug Stanhope
Former host of the "Man Show"

Amy Sedaris
Part 2
The co-creator of "Wigfield"

Amy Sedaris
Part 1
The co-creator of "Stranger with Candy"

Fearless Tales
Genre Fest
2 guys start their own film festival.

Talk to Taka
How do you get Pat Marita in your movie.

Searching for

405 the Movie
The first big internet movie.