Section: MC of the Week Heidi
Importance: Shut up and listen!
MC of the Week
At the time of this writing, Heidi is by far the wildest MC we've ever had on the site. The questions I asked her were based on her "Tell me about yourself" that I read. Her answers are all her.

In the description about yourself you mention giving head a lot. Just how much head do you give?
well i would much rather give than receive and i say i give head to about 3 guys a month, give or take. :O

Is the head better when the giver has her tongue pierced?
Uh im a girl so i dont know exactly, but i do have my tongue pierced, and ive been told its hella good.

What names have you been called while giving head?
i was called a slut a few times, its a little harsh but kinda hot :) as long as the guy doesnt really mean it!

I'm sure lots of people love your tummy, but what do you love about it?

My stomach is fairly flat and i have my belly button pierced and it turns me on hella bad when a guy touched/kisses it :)

What's wrong with kissing your ears?
For some reason, kissing my ears and my neck gives me the weird, gross feelings that makes me wanna throw up.

You talk about making out with one of your female friends. Do you have any hot lesbian stories you'd like to share, or is it just a one time thing?
Naw, we arent really into the full out thing, but we do make out and stuff, and its hella hot. but shes not into it as much as i am :(

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are working on cars, mostly sports compact and imports, i like to cruise, play at parks, give head and race.

What advice would you give to men to help them attract women?
Oddly enough different girls like different pick up lines. But i love when guys first come off w/ a compliment and then come on strong, so i know that they are really serious about me.

What's the best part of being a woman?
Well i love guys but i suppose if i was a guy, i could too. hehe but i dont know. there are too many downfalls.

What's the girliest thing that you do?
well i enjoy having the mind of a guy, but i do run like a girl and i was a cheerleader, but im not proud of it :(

What did I forget to ask you?
Well here's just some info. IM Heidi, IM 18 years old and i was born in kansas. i love the color purple and Britney Spears. :)

Ready for the lightning round?
Favorite Food?
Pizza, or nachos
Favorite Sound? ::splat:: or rain
Favorite Taste? cumm
Boxers or briefs? boxers or those hot CK boxer-briefs
Ability to fly or Invisible? Invisible cuz then i could hear guys convo's about me w/ their friends.
What do you wear when you go to sleep? t-shirt and shorts or sumpin