Guinea Pig Test: Enzyte
Section: Misc.
Importance: How important is a monster wang.

The Truth About Enzyte

Disclaimer: The accounts of this article are merely anecdotal and are only my experience. Results may vary.

I saw the TV commercials and I wanted to see if Enzyte would really increase the size of my penis. So I ordered it, and this is what I found out.

When you see the commercial, the Enzyte people really imply that Enzyte will give you a bigger wang. In the commercial the guy hops out of the swimming pool, his trunks are floating in the pool, the neighbors are amazed at his wang, it clearly implies that you'll get monster junk. But the first thing you notice when you read the pamphlet that comes with your pills is the statement
While there is no known ingestible proven to alter the natural size or shape of the penis, Enzyte can help your body achieve the fullest, strongest erections it is physically capable of achieving.
What a rip! Knowing that, I still took the Enzyte 30 day challenge.
I took the pill the same time every day. Around day 15 I found it tough to get an erection at all, but I think I can mostly attribute that to a long night of hard drinking. Either way, it's a little freaky. After 30 days, I didn't notice any noticeable erectile difference. Not that I had any to begin with!!!

The upside

The downside

I guess the moral of the story is there's nothing that will give you a bigger penis. They say even surgery will only change the effect of it in its flaccid state and make no difference to your erections.