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Importance: Shut up and listen!
MC of the Week

Whenever I tell people that Gina has a sister, they say, "Crap there's two of them? What's this one like?" You're about to find out, as we meat Elle our first MC of the Week.

You're of special interest to our viewers because you're Gina's sister.
Why is your sister so angry?

Well to start with she is from *****, which automatically makes her a bitter angry person, for in our homeland if your not mad all the time you don't fit in. Then comes the fact that she grew up with the ultimate angry preacher and somehow ended up with the only drop of black blood in her family making her hair .... well lets just say she doesn't buy a wig a month to look like she does. She does it so when she is doing her hair that one time a week she can look at it on the stand and feel wronged at not having been given that hair. Also we didn't grow up together and in fact she still hasn't met our brother which really isn't such a loss, but she feels like she missed out as we all do.

What kind of thing can't you talk about with Gina?
SEX! No one wants to look at their younger siblings and know that they are doing the dirty. But I have
jiggly puffs as big as my head and a boyfriend I've been with for almost a year. Its not comforting for her to know that I don't just work, but I work out doing the horizontal polka.

How are you two alike?
I am the same person with my friends that she is with hers. I'm the stoned nutcase who doesn't give a shit and says what needs to be said. Its strange when I visit her after a long time because my roll is being fulfilled and it's entertaining. I spend a lot of my visiting time just watching her. Her friends say we have the same expressions and almost all of them have expressed concerns that I am to be the taller Gina...can the world take two?

Gina has described you as quite the wild child. Just how wild are you?
Wild? Me? I don't know what your talking about!!!!!!! All right so I believe in trying everything once, which can lead me into a lot of mishaps or random situations, but I have never regretted anything in life so call me wild. That's OK.

What can you tell us about "the bammer?"

Bammer? Well it already takes entirely too much bomb to get me even a little stoned so bammer really isn't in my vocabulary. What can you tell me about The Bammer?
Stay off the bammer! That's what I can tell you about it!

Does it piss you off when guys don't make eye contact?
It used to make me want to take my shoe off and beat the fucker senseless, but that was when I noticed guys looking at me or wasted thirty seconds of my life having a convo with the stupider of the sexes. At work or in school where I see guys that I see every day, they make eye contact only because I'm known for having evil eyes. I 'll always win in a staring competition.

What's the best part of being a woman?
Well I definitely would hate to be wrong as often as men seem to be.

What's the most important thing for a guy to know before he dates you?

Lets take my current boyfriend for example. I love him more than I have ever loved any man in the world and I would do anything to make him happy (with the exception of letting anything but his tongue and on a good day his finger in my mouth) but I have no restrictions. I see my friends whenever I want, I go out with whoever I want, I wear what I please and do whatever makes me happy and he does the same. I like it that way. The only reason I see us ending soon is because even though I know he loves me, I don't see him enough. Freedom is important but appreciation and acknowledgment and something that makes me smile, other than his goofy expressions, are what keep me around. I might love him but I love myself just as much and just because I belong to him today doesn't mean I wont be gone tomorrow.

Ready for the lightning round?
Favorite Food?

Today its uncooked unshelled peas... I know sounds gross.

Favorite Sound?
That noise that comes out of my radio when I turn it on.

Favorite Taste?
The taste of my man-boys mouth.

Favorite Touch?

The way he feels when he gets out of the shower, which is subsequently after an hour of doing his hair and cleaning his shoes which were clean to begin with.

Boxers or briefs?
Mmmmm Boxers.

Dinette Set, or trip to Europe?
Are you serious? Call me crazy but I'm going with the trip to Europe, besides I haven't been there in a few years.

Ability to fly or Invisible?
Fly. If I need to not be seen. I'll be able to fly high where I can't be seen and I'll never need to pay for Gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why wouldn't I want to be seen?

What do you wear when you go to sleep?
Depends on who I'm sleeping with.