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Get Chicks to Do Stuff!
Excerpted from: "Why I love Broads"

Not in the face, not in the face

Getting a woman to do naked dirty stuff with you isn't as hard as it usta be. Granted, if you're 16 and looking to score with a girl that still has an 'NSYNC poster on her wall, you're gonna need the jaws of life to pry her legs apart. But if you're over the age of 27, the women out there are a lot more desperate and a lot less uptight. If you're banging chicks like crazy don't bother reading this, because most of it is rather tame. This article is for the hard up guy who's less afraid of looking stupid and more interested in getting a little personal contact.

Step 1: Choose your location wisely.

Getting a reach around at a baseball game, or oral at your family reunion is probably not the best place to take a chance on asking a stranger for a special favor.

Notice the location in this story:

"So I'm at the Exotic Erotic Ball and I see this woman rubbing her chest. She looks up and sees me staring at her and rather flustered I say, 'I'm sorry for staring I was trying to figure out why you were rubbing yourself.' 'It's glitter,' she says rubbing some on my chest. 'Do you want it anywhere else?' 'Yeah,' I say pointing at my loin cloth, 'how about under the loin cloth?' She seemed confused about why I would want glitter on my wang, but she rubbed on a healthy dose non the less."

Step 2: See if she's willing.
Some chicks are just dying to do crazy naked stuff. You just need to give them a lame enough reason to do it.
For instance:

"So, I'm sittin' at the bar, feeling drunk, feeling mellow...

Then I find myself waiting in a horrendously long line to the bathrooms. I come out and the girl
I'm with is still waiting. I decide to be the gentleman and wait in line with her.

The girl I'm with goes in the bathroom and this other one turns to me and says, 'You know what else I have?'
I say I have no clue, but look back curiously. She says, 'Daisies!' As she lifts her shirt up and shows her fabulous breasts. I say, 'Those are nice,' as I rub one of the daisy paste-ons that are barely covering her nipples. 'Do those come of easily?' I ask. Her response was, 'They peel right off.'

Before I could get any further, her turn for the bathroom was up and she disappeared inside as my girl came out."

Step 3: Get the party started.

It doesn't matter what kind of party you're at, nuns and your mom won't show you their jiggly puffsno matter how nice you ask. So find yourself a nice, fairly trashed party girl that you can ask. If she's not half naked already, help her out and give her something to do.

For instance:
"When I would go to parties, I would wear silk shirts. I'd find some fairly hammered girl and start chatting her up a little bit. If the girl was drunk enough, I'd say, 'My shirt is silk, you can touch it.' They'd always pet it and talk about how soft it was. Some would pet it more firmly and longer than others. This plan works well with any clothing that's fun to touch. Girls who are eXing will enjoy it even more.

Step 4: Just because some other guy did it doesn't mean it's any less good.

"So my friend comes back from the bathroom and he says, 'Go ask this chick when she comes out of the bathroom, to see her daisies.'"

Step 5: She may actually be attracted to you.

It's amazing what kind of stuff women'll do if they're actually attracted to you.
Here's a story about a guy and his real estate agent.
"...after she had been showing me the house and I had signed all the papers, I knew there was a bit of sexual tension between us. 'I need to take naked pictures of you now,' I said. And she said, 'OK.' In the shower, on the bed, we took them everywhere."

The moral of the story is, crazy chicks, or even not so crazy chicks will do crazy stuff in the right setting. Find the right time and the right chick and you can get her to do stuff.

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