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Importance: Helpful tips for men
Deal Breakers 2

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In music they say, it's not what you play, it's what you don't play.
That's also true in what you say (or don't say) to women.
Here are a couple of things that men have done/said/worn that really killed any chance of getting it on with one of our panelists.

After seeing the Gorton's Fisherman.
A rubber rain coat is hot and not particularly flexible, so wearing it inside can't be comfortable. So my assumption would be that the guy is wearing it because he thinks it's cool and that makes him an idiot. I have no desire for idiot children, so natural selection does its job. It's beautiful. Really.
We were at a party, so he had to put on his "festive pants."


Excessive cleanliness is weird on a guy. Guys who have homes that are too spotless look gay, and if they're weird about you making a mess, they end up looking like a serial killer in the making.
"I love living at/with my parents. That way I can fix up my car instead of paying rent."


Over use of "Right On", "Dude" or any juvenile colloquialism.
After he said, "I'm gonna shut it down," to mean "I'm going to take a nap,"
I was done.

He TOLD me he had a small penis! I honestly believe we would have hooked up if he had not said this. I suppose this is a tough issue for the not-so-well-endowed man. This particular man's technique ("the early warning") means you wont be faced with a really embarrassing (and possibly hurtful) rejection/walkout later, but it also means you won't get to later.
"I think the Ny-quil has made me impotent." Check please.


I went to a club and mentioned to a friend that the bartender was cute. Days later I received a three-page e-mail from the bartender about how the 'deep galaxies of amazing were my eyes'. Creepy.
I've always been afraid of red headed men.
Our Panel

All of our panelists are smart, sexy and fun. You'd be lucky to get with any of them, but if you use these deal breakers you won't stand a chance.
Some have described her as tall and statuesque. That's why Aphrodite's answers are represented by this icon.
She usta date men, now she's married to a woman. That's how much we suck.
She's actually very down to earth, but calls herself Queen. So be it.
Sweet on the outside, kinky on the inside.
She stays for the long haul. No matter how many red flags that are thrown up that you're gay.
Her soul is tough, like a cockroach.
Definitely the most sophisticated member of our panel.