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Deal Breakers

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As a man, I'm always confused about how badly I'm in trouble, and if it really matters what my ass looks like. So I asked a panel of women what they thought. Here's their answers.

Question 1. How much of a deal breaker is it if a guy has back hair? Should he shave? Wax?

Depends on how much hair there is, and how long it's been since I've seen a guy with his shirt off. But there is a limit of too much hair, and not nearly enough time...
I used to think it was all over if a guy had back hair...then I dated one (long term). It really really doesn't matter if you love them (trite I know, but true!). That said, you don't want to see the big hairy back upon first meeting. If you have a super hairy back, you may not be meeting the woman of your dreams at the beach.
The deal is off. If I wanted a teddy bear, I'd go buy one. Ick. If you let me shave it, I might reconsider. But overall chances don't look good.
Back/Shoulder hair? Acne scars? I don't mind.
Waxing...well, my husband tried it and his back bled. It wasn't pretty. Yikes! Electrolysis is permanent hair removal but time consuming and expensive. Shaving one's back is uncomfortable because the hair grows back and itches like the dickens!

Questions 2. How important is the "Man Ass? Does it have to look good in pants, or can it just look good naked?"

Very important. Love a man with a booty. It's a big plus if it looks good in pants, but if it just looks good naked, that's ok...then it's private, like it's all yours, no one else can see what a little gem it is :)
Honestly, I don't pay that much attention to this particular "part;" I look at the overall picture. On the other hand, you don't usually see a Geo Prizm hauling a double-wide trailer. I hope this analogy makes sense.
A great ass is a huge bonus, but since I usually (and would rather) spend more time looking at the front than at the back, I'd have to say it isn't as important as a great penis.
What makes a great penis?
A great penis...well, I know one when I see one... Honestly, it's a size thing (combo of length & girth, as well as a sizable sack). As we all know, yes, it does matter. And lack of disease or bad smell, obviously.
What's more important, length or girth? How much are we talking about?
Too much is a bad thing. What's more important... definitely girth. But a stumpy doesn't do me any good either. I'd rather have normal length and greater width, than the other way around.

Question 3. How much trouble am I going to be in if I forget an important date or call out the wrong name in bed?

Forgetting my birthday or our anniversary? Forgivable but he's gonna pay...for yeeearrrssssss. Say someone else's name in bed? That's just UNforgivable...and a little disturbing. Unless the guys is blasted drunk...then it's forgivable but there still will be SOME hell to pay.
Forgetting a holiday = let me be sad and angry = let him be really sorry = make-up event (dinner, gift, etc.) = everything's OK.
Wrong name = infidelity = me getting REALLY angry = counseling.
The only mess ups that are totally taboo are lying and cheating. (I'd have to put saying the wrong name in bed in with cheating.) No do overs once another pussy is involved. Of course, the boy might want to consider flowers as a starter to making up. That doesn't mean that after you buy flowers that the sperm receptacle is open 24/7 again. It just means that it's a start. Wine and dine me, baby!
The holiday thing - not a big deal and easily forgiven with little effort, the name thing, never forgiven. That aside, I can't think of one thing that would be a general "fixer" except amazing sex, and if I'm really pissed I'm certainly not getting naked & sweaty. Kind of a Catch-22, isn't it? That's why women are so much fun.
Our Panel

Each panelist requested that a pen named be used to maintain their anonymity. Not only did I give them a name, I gave them an icon to help you follow along.
Some have described her as tall and statuesque. That's why Aphrodite's answers are represented by this icon.
I don't know why she picked "Ink" as her pen name, but I will always think of her as the hottest chick in the legal department.
Bon bon is more than a lazy afternoon chocolate treat, our Bon Bon is a tough, self proclaimed geek lover, who tells it like it is.
Deanna is tough to describe, and even tougher to draw. Let's just say, you'd be wise to take her advice.
Sophie is a little more conservative than your average bear, but still knows how to party. In Sophie's words, 'I like to drink.'
(Of course, she takes exception to this misquoting, but all is fair in love in journalism.)