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Importance: Shut up and listen!
MC of the Week
also spelled Deneen
What is your great ambition in life?
To live according to God's will and not my own....

What are your hobbies/interests?
Most anything outdoors - I love to explore. I enjoy Karate, snowboarding,
hiking, journaling, sailing, aerobics, art & design, biking, hang time with
friends, intellectual/deep conversations, spiritual classes/courses,
psychology, and most anything creative.

I hear you like to wear different wigs and wear lots of different types of
clothes. What's fun to you about "dressing up?"
It's so great just to go all out and be outrageous. It must be the actress
in me :) Day to day, I am expected to dress a certain way and behave a
certain way to conform to the business world and then on weekends, if there
is a theme party or a night out in SF, it gives me the opportunity to be a
lot more self-expressive. I love art and design so when I have the chance, why not be the canvas? I guess I never got it out of my system as a kid :) Dressing up is just fun and the more funky, the better..... I suppose some of it is for shock value too - I love the expressions and reactions I get from other people.

What advice would you give to men to help them attract women?
Each woman is different and is looking for different things. But, for me personally, I'm attracted to a guy that is honest, real and sincere with his interactions with me. This may sound generic or obvious but you'd be surprised how many guys try and approach women attempting to be something that they aren't. What's more attractive is if he can admit that he isn't "all that". Confidence is great but needs to be paired with humility as well. Confidence to an unrealistic point comes across as cocky or cheesy. In addition, he's got to really know himself and not be afraid to put his cards out there.

What's the best part of being a woman?
Jiggly Puffs:) Just kidding, there's a lot of cool things about being a woman. My
best friend Robbie would say that the best thing about being a woman is that
for the most part she gets to do the picking and choosing and be the one
pursued more so than a man. I suppose on some levels I agree with his
statement. I'm not too sure that's always a good thing though....hmmmm.....women have the ability to multi-task which I find men having an extremely hard time doing. This ability comes in handy in this crazy world that we live in.

Is there anything you'd like to promote while you're here?
Sure - I've just recently started a 20s-30s group in the Mt View area called LINK. It's a faith based group - meaning that God/Jesus Christ is at the center. It's a two part deal - there are small groups that meet weekly for people who want to delve deeper into their faith and then there are monthly events for anyone who wants to go - laser tag, bowling, camping, beach, hiking, etc. Something a little more interesting and original than bar hopping....if people are interested or would like to receive more information, they can reach me at

Ready for the lightning round?
Favorite Food? - Reese's Pieces Easter eggs (only available around Easter)-
as an overall type of food, I'd probably have to go with Italian
Favorite Sound? - the words I love you spoken by someone who means them
Favorite Taste? - sweet: ripe nectarine
Favorite Touch? - soft: I'm a very tactile person.....I'd have to say animal
fur of some sort
Boxers or briefs? - Absolutely BOXERS!!! - only one exception for briefs -
during exercise
Dinette Set, or trip to Europe? - I'm all about the trip to Europe. I'd
rather go and see and explore places than obtain material goods that sit in
cabinets and collect dust...
Ability to fly or Invisible? - Both would be pretty cool but if I had to
choose, I'd have to go with fly. The one big upside to being invisible is
really grounded in deceit - it's wanting to be somewhere with people who
don't know you are there. Not too down with that principle. Flying just has
so much freedom and vastness to it.....
What do you wear when you go to sleep? Depends on who I'm with :).
I generally go to bed in pajama shorts and a T-shirt or camisole.
Favorite color: Deep red (burgundy)
Perfume: Obsession
Favorite Flower: Deep red roses (with almost black edges)
Birthday: July 30 - LEO
Height: 5'8" Blond w/ Blue Eyes
Born and Raised: La Honda, California
College Educated? Yep - went to University of Oregon - graduated with a BA
in Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising. With honors: Cum Laude.
(There's never anywhere to use this, so I figured, why not stick it in here ;))
Occupation: Creative Services Manager
Sports played: Soccer, Golf, Lacrosse, Karate
Siblings? One older sister
Pets?: One cat named Midori
Most important thing in my life - Jesus Christ
Color paint on my toe nails: Blue
Bad Habits: Nail biter
As a teenager: Tom Boy - Skater/Punk
Favorite (Alcohol)drink: Midori Sour
Favorite Cologne on men: Safari by Polo
Collectibles: Anything Scooby Doo & Aliens from Toy Story