Section: Art
Importance: He's messed up, and his art shows.
Ted Babcock
8 Questions with Ted Babcock

I know you get most of your inspiration for paintings from dreams. Do you draw or write down the dreams after you wake up?

Well, to be truthful, some of my paintings come from dreams, but a lot of them come from an over active imagination. I daydream a lot. Either way, they all start as a scribble in a little journal I keep by the side of the bed. If I spend the night somewhere else, it comes with me.

Describe the dream that inspired "Walking Hand."

Man, that was a heavy one. It was this sorta nightmare with Russian cold war overtones. There were two groups of people. Humans like us, and a race of short little aliens. Not one of them looked the same. The Elite ruling class was a hand full of humans that lived behind mirrors. They would move in and out by grabbing a corner of a mirror and peeling it back, like it was a hanging blanket. When they let go, it was a regular mirror again. The whole dream ended with me having to choose 50 aliens that would live. The others would be wiped dout by the ruling class. "Walking Hand" was one of the suvivor. Do I need help?

What can you tell me about the dream that inspired "Pass the Salt?"

Itís a continuing theme. I had a nightmare when I was about twelve. In the dream, I was really scared about something and tried to run down the hall to my parentís room but the hallway was blocked off by those king and queen hand puppets from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Ever since then, I have a continuing theme of puppets. I mean, have you ever watched that show. The puppets are ugly, and his neighbors are f****n scary. A delivery man named "Mr. Feely" on a kidís show?

Do you do anything to make yourself have these wild dreams?

I lead an incredible boring life.

I know you're a dad. Are you worried about your daughter seeing these and having her own horrible nightmares?

Oh hell yea. If I still remember some of them 20 years later. They must be pretty messed up.

If the inside of your head of is my garage, what's in it? Is it clean or Messy?

Itís a trip to the circus on acid. Full of broken circus equipment, b-movie plots, aliens, and ghosts.

Is there anything else you think is important to mention about your artwork?

I think it is an attempt to clear my head. Itís not that I enjoy painting all that much. Itís a lot of work. I just keep coming up with these images and I think it would be horrible if somebody didnít record them somehow. I mean, whoís gonna do it?

Any other questions I should have asked?

Hmmm, yes. The answer is ÖSometimes, when I have a lot of aluminum foil on hand, but it has to be late at night when they are just about to lock up.

Ted Babcock

Editor's Note, Ted's comments were unedited. The interviewers comments were reworded to make him sound less stupid.