Section: MC of the Week → Amber
Importance: Shut up and listen!

MC of the Week

What is your great ambition in life?
To be happy, with or without money and to be a positive impact on those around me.

What are your hobbies?

I love to write and I read all the time I'm such a geek. I also really like Dancing, shopping and watching movies, and surprising people all the time. I love to do anything spontaneous. And love to meet new people

What advice would you give to men to help them attract women?

Be confident. That is the sexiest trait of all. And make an effort with good hygiene....The smell of cologne on a guys skin is such a turn on.

What's the best part of being a woman?

Waking up everyday knowing I could have sex whenever I want. Seriously though, feeling sexy and strong and feminine. But knowing if i need i can have a guy protect me and hold me all night. And being able to cry whenever i want!

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What's the girliest thing that you do?

reading magazines while i soak in a bubblebath surrounded by candles and rocking out to cheesy pop music

What's your cheesy pop music of choice?
britney spears and prince

What did I forget to ask you?

How big are my boobs?

So, how big are they?


Ready for the lightning round?

Favorite Food? Italian
Favorite Sound? The Rain
Favorite Taste? Coconut
Favorite Touch? A strong hand on my naked back
Boxers or briefs? Boxer-briefs
Dinette Set, or trip to Europe? EUROPE
Ability to fly or Invisible? Fly....i love freedom
What do you wear when you go to sleep? Cashmere panties and a smile