Artist: Jill Sobule
Section: Music
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8 Questions and 1 lightning round with Jill Sobule

When people ask me what's the most under rated album in my collection, I always say, "Jill Sobule's self titled album. She's got a big imagination with a harsh sense of reality. The instrumentation is quirky and cool, but it's the lyrics that really sell it. I like her other albums too, but that one really stands out."

Jill got pegged early as "That girl who sings that ĎI Kissed a Girlí" song girl. But sheís a lot more.

If you havenít heard of Jill Sobule, Iím not surprised. Sheís on her 4th album, 3rd record label, 1 big hit, and a whole bunch of good honest songs that are still
1. Iím a big fan of the instrumentation in your music. Without hearing it first, how do you know you want an Accordion, Tuba, Cello, or Harmonica to play on a certain tune?

I sometimes hear production as I am writing the music to the lyrics (usually the lyrics come first). For instance, I always imagined the overdone Timpani on Rainy Day Parade. Also, sometimes, I start by recording a song solo, add a bunch of stuff, without any clue of how it will turn out. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it just sucks, but it is a fun and creative process. I pretty much am friends with the musicians on my records. "It's a family affair."

2. Most of your songs are autobiographical, what was the hardest thing to admit or sing about?

I hate to admit in a song, like "Sold My Sole," that I am pathetically depressed (at the time of writing the song.)

3. Youíve been signed to big record labels, and now youíre with a small record label. Weíre all familiar with the benefits of the big label, what are the benefits of the small label, and the negatives of the big label?

With a big label, in general, if you donít have a big radio hit within the first few months, your record is over. They don't develop artist like they did in the old days. However, a small label usually does not have as much money to promote you.

4. I Kissed a Girl was the only song that your label ever really got behind. Are you at all bitter that this is the song, out of all your songs, that will follow you around for the rest of your musical career?

Kissed a Girl was a blessing as well as a curse. On one hand, I had an MTV hit. I would rather be a one hit wonder than a no hit wonder. Also, it brought me many fans who have followed and supported the rest of my career. Plus, it was the first sorta lesbian or bi song to hit the mass media (way before Ellen). I still get folks who write and say that the song helped them to not feel so bad about having a those feelings. I am proud of it for that. However, it did put me in a novelty niche, and yes, it still bugs me that it is still what I am mainly known for. I want people to see the rest of my work.

5. I donít mean to be too nutsy boltsy, but can you, in detail, describe for our up and coming musician viewers, how you got a recording contract?

A recording contract? I did mine the old fashion way by playing all the time until someone finally saw and signed me.

6. Hereís a tough question. What happened with your 1990 release Things here are different? I get the feeling that the producer didnít know what to do with you, and you donít seem to play any of the songs live?

My first album was recorded by Todd Rundgren. I was a fan, thus intimidated by him. Also, it was the first time that I was ever in a studio. I froze. I also consider myself a late bloomer. I feel I hadn't quite developed my personality(still a work in progress). I took myself so seriously then. However ,there are some songs from that record that I still like and do play.

7. On the album Happy Town you seem to make a lot of religious allusions. What part does religion play in your life, and were you going through anything special on the religious front during the making of that album?

Religion, is constantly an issue for me. I am a jaded cynic that believes that someday I will not be. Right now, I am reading "The History Of God" by Karen Armstrong.

8. You perform some topical songs in your act. Is there any chance youíll record them for an album, or at least release them to a fan club? (We all really liked Kathy Leeís in Love with Me.)

I try to put the topical songs on my web page. Someday, I might put a little CD of them.

Ready for the Lighting Round?
Favorite Sound?
Bass clarinet or french horn.
Favorite Word? Labia (I really cannot think clear on that one)
Favorite Taste? Ludens cherry lozenges or white truffle
Favorite Piece of clothing? My 1978 Denver Bronco orange crush tee.
Favorite comfort food? Really cheap out of the box macaroni and cheese.