Section: Film
Title: 405 the Movie
Artist: Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt
Importance: This is the first time I can remember a couple of guys making a movie, throwing it on the web and getting really cool jobs out of it.
405 the Movie
9 Questions with Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt

I originally heard about your movie from the X show on the FX Network. How did you get their attention?

They contacted us through

What kind of emails have you been getting since your appearance?
Everything from "Loved your film" to "I found something wrong with your movie when are you going to change it?" But all in all the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

What film competitions have you been in with this film?
None yet. We're actually having a showing and giving a lecture at the
Long Beach Film Festival on Oct. 13th

Why did you make this movie?
Two reasons. First as a creative exercise because we wanted to do a film start to finish, not just the effects. Second, to try and generate a little interest in us as filmmakers. We seem to have achieved both.

How did you find the old lady at the end of the movie?
She's my girlfriends Great Aunt. She's really 89 and has never driven a car.

Is it tough to find an old lady that will flip you the bird?
Not in this case. You just have to find the right motivation.

What's your next project?
We're working on a couple of projects right now. Hopefully they will
become feature films. In the mean time we signed with A Band Apart
Commercials as commercial directors.

What do you two do for day jobs?
When "405" broke in early June we quit our day jobs as visual effects artists. Right now we're pursuing the opportunities that "405" has presented to us. We're also doing the occasional visual effect job when they come up and when we have time.

Was this movie easier or more difficult to make than you thought?
A bit of both. There were things that we thought we're tough and turned out to be easy and vise versa. The hardest thing was sticking to a schedule. Since we were our own bosses it was a big temptation to put stuff off and keep tweaking shots, but if we did that it would never get done. As a result there are things that we wish we could change but it is what it is and it's done. That's the most important thing.

Editor's Note: The answer to the last question is the absolute truth. I see people all the time, with great ideas, but they just can't get off their lazy asses and do anything about it.

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